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Four Element Candles are inspired by the enchanting landscape, intense colors and abundant nature of Alaska. 

When I moved back to my childhood home in Alaska recently, candles became a favored way to unwind from crowds, commutes, and chaos so present in my decade spent in the Bay Area. They represented the antithesis of the “always-on” lifestyle.

I then wondered how different things might look if more people took the time, as I do, to light a candle each evening.

Inspired, I rolled up my sleeves, and began testing my new candle idea. After hundreds (quite possibly thousands) of wax, wick and fragrance oil combinations, I saw the potential to create a candle that stood for something far greater than itself.

I’m proud to offer candles that are masterfully scented, virtually zero-waste, and help build towards a regenerative future.

I am excited to bring more presence, more connection, and more light into the world.

Keep the fire burning,



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